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About Me...

Elizabeth Inkster

Owner & Founder of Own Your Skin

From the second I stepped foot into the industry I knew I wanted to make a difference in peoples lives making them feel confident & happy. Little did I know that I would soon go on to learn in-depth techniques & specialise in the treatment of Acne. 

After suffering from hormonal Acne for years myself, I was committed to learning everything I could about this skin condition to help others suffering from the same thing as I was. 

I was lucky enough to work alongside brilliant & experienced men & women in the industry who helped pave the path for me and my knowledge with Acne. I had client after client coming in with inflammed acne, non-inflammed acne, congestion, sensitivity, rosacea, scarring - you name it, I found myself treating it! With my own resources I studied and practiced different techniques & approaches to each of these concerns. Allowing me to watch first hand how to cure these conditions. 

In my 6 years of specialising in Acne I continue to learn & approach acne differently depending on what my clients skin is presenting to me. 

Thats when I decided to open Own Your Skin - Somewhere I had complete control of what I could do and can take customisation to a complete new level!


Since opening in 2022 I got married, had my first son and built a business from the ground up! I have seen over 100 clients and helped treat their concerns & conditions. I love what I do and am so passionate about educating clients on their skin health for longevity of skin they are obsessed with! 

I am so excited for what Own Your Skin has to come and cannot wait to meet all of my future patients! 

With love, Lizzie

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