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Let me break it down for you beautiful...

12 Week Acne Journey with Elizabeth Inkster


Consultation & First Treatment

This first session will consist of your Skin scan photos, an in-depth consultation which we will discuss lifestyle choices, skin condition, skin concern breakdown, expectations, product info & what the future of your journey will look like.
After we have had our discussion and I have explained everything I need to, we will then do your first initial treatment! Which, depending on the condition of your skin, will determine what we do, Maybe a 10 hour Acne Peel or maybe the OMEGA repair treatment.
After your treatment you will be sent home with all of your homecare! A complete new skincare routine to start your journey. All of these initial products are included in the start-up price of your acne program.
We will then book you in for your next treatment a week later! Within this program you will be coming in weekly so we can keep an eye on your acne together! Im with you every step of the way.


Consistency is Key

It is expected you will return every week - 2 weeks for treatment depending on your skins condition. It is also expected you will be using your products as instructed as frequently as instructed. For the best results you need to commit to yourself and me! We are in this together!


The Skincare

You will be given a completely personalised skincare routine to suit your skins condition perfectly. This will consist of 5-7 products in your initial consultation. Within these products will be a perscription product with 3% Tranexamic Acid to help with inflammation, pigmentation and Erythema (redness). How to use these products will all be discussed within your first treatment & you will be given a take-home instruction booklet on how to use everything!
At Own Your Skin I only stock the best known products for healing & restoring your natural complexion which I have used and proven their capabilities over the past 6 years.
This first skincare routine will be all inclusive of your sign-up price so no annoying added extras on the day!


24/7 Support

As I said before, we are in this together! You will purge, you will feel like you aren't seeing results, you will want to quit - This is what I'm here for!! I will be your biggest fan throughout this whole journey and hype you up when you need it most. Trust me and trust the process. 

So, to sum it all up:

  • All of your skincare throughout the 12 weeks is INCLUDED in your $1799. 

  • When you finish your 12 week journey you will receive 10% off for the next 3 months on products & treatment services.

  • I will need to see you every week or 2 weeks. 

  • You have unlimited LED light therapy treatments throughout the 12 weeks

  • We will be in close contact for the full 12 weeks

  • You will learn so much about your skin to maintain your results for the future

  • We are able to do absolutely any treatment OYS has to offer

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